WTM Hockey - Wilbraham Twin Meadows Hockey - Greater Springfield premier youth hockey organization.

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New for the 2019-2020 Season


WTM and The Springfield Rifles will combine talents to run a very affordable Learn to skate program directed by coaches from the Rifles and WTM as well as players from the Pope Francis Prep hockey team.

The Rifles will strengthen a WTM LTS program already recognized as the only Western MA organization entrusted by the Boston Bruins to host and coach the Jr. Bruins Learn to Play Program.



The Learn to Skate (LTS) program is designed to teach children, ages 4 and over, the fundamental skills required to become good skaters with the potential of developing an interest in the sport of ice hockey. This is accomplished through easy to follow instruction, fun drills, and placing the children into groups by ability.


When and Where

Sessions will be held at the Olympia Ice Center beginning in October.



The cost is only $85.00 for 22 sessions.

Your skater must also be registered with USA Hockey and their confirmation number will be required to complete the registration process. Please click here to go to USAHockey.org

The USA Hockey Registration fee is $46 for birth years prior to 2013.  An Affiliate fee - Massachusetts Hockey requires an $8.00 per skater registration fee.  USA Hockey will include this $8.00 fee within their registration process.  

Skaters born after 2013 will be free to register but must still register at USA Hockey.


Register online now



Equipment is a critical part of any game. Helmets with full cages and ear protection are mandatory along with hockey gloves. However, we also recommend players wear full hockey equipment at all times on the ice (shin pads, elbow pads, and hockey pants). Please be sure that the equipment fits properly. Players will need a hockey stick. The stick length should be up to the players’ chin when the stick is held vertically by the player while standing on skates, up to the nose when not on skates. If the stick is longer please cut it to the proper length. Also make sure you buy a left or right curved stick depending on your child’s preference – the players’ dominant hand usually holds the top of the stick.

Skates must be sized properly; this is the most important piece of equipment to every player, it is the foundation for your child’s success and improvement. If their skates are too small they will be difficult to get on and painful to wear. If they are too big the skater will have difficulty with balance. Typically skates fit 1-2 sizes smaller than shoes, so if your child takes size 3 sneakers his skate size is probably going to be a 1 or 2. Skates should be kept sharp. Skaters should always walk on padded mats, never on concrete or hard floors without skate guards. Gateway Hardware can help you

Gateway Hardware at the Olympia Ice Center has a wide selection of hockey skates, hockey gloves, hockey 
shin pads, hockey elbow pads, hockey pants and hockey helmet with cages.

The WTM organization and The Springfield Rifles are looking forward to meeting you and wishes you and your children an enjoyable and rewarding season. If you have any questions, please contact the LTS Coordinator.


Register online now