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The Novice program is normally played in (3) sessions with each session having (6) games played on Sundays and (1) jamboree at the end of each session.



  • Practices will be on Tuesday at 4:00 - 4:50 pm, starting September 28th.
  • Games for Session 1 will begin approximately Sunday Oct 10th, running 7 weeks (all Sundays mornings)
  • Games for Session 2 will begin approximately Sunday Dec 5th, running 7 weeks (all Sundays mornings)
  • Games for Session 3 will begin approximately Sunday Jan 30th, running 7 weeks (all Sundays mornings)


In the meantime, if you are not participating in the the Learn to Skate / Learn to Play program, we encourage it.


The fees are $250 per session (this includes access to Learn to Skate / Learn to Play, as well as a uniform to keep for the games). To register, please complete online registration form.



Volunteers - Typically there are (3) Novice teams, so ideally 5-6 coaches on the ice.  During games, 1 coach per team will skate and 1 coach will man the bench.  Please feel free to email us if you are interested ( ).  In addition to coaches, it is also very helpful to have a volunteer as Team Manager.  This is an opportunity for someone to facilitate communications to the team, group text and help coordinate events that may come up, such as a year end pizza party, group outing to an AIC college hockey game, etc.  The more volunteers the better!


If you have any questions let me know,


We look forward to seeing you at the ice.