WTM Hockey - Wilbraham Twin Meadows Hockey - Greater Springfield premier youth hockey organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question that you don’t see answered below, please contact us at:


Q: How far of a drive is it from the Lake Morey Resort to the location of the games?


A:  If you stay at the resort, once you park your car you won’t need to move again until you leave to go home.  The lake is a matter of steps from the resort.  If you are sitting in your hotel room, you are less than a five minute walk from being on one of the rinks.  Some of the rooms even overlook the lake, with the rinks / games visible right from your balcony.


Q: How big are the rinks?


A: Approximately 110 feet long by 50 feet wide.


Q: Are there goalies in pond hockey?


A: No.  Goalie equipment is not allowed, and having any player act as a goalie by blocking the goal is also not allowed.


Q: What is the goal like?


A: A little more advanced than what we used as kids (two boots about three feet apart).  The goal is approximately 6 feet wide, 2 feet deep, and 6 inches high.  The front of the goal has one hole on either side about a foot wide.  Goals are scored when the puck enters the goal through one of these holes.  The top of the goal is open; pucks entering the goal over the top do not count as goals.  


Q: Are there locker rooms for getting ready?


A: Not exactly.  There will be two options for getting ready.  Players could get their equipment on in their hotel room and walk directly out on to the lake (YES – the Lake Morey Resort is that awesome of a location where you can actually walk right out and be on the lake in a few steps), or you can choose to get your equipment on in a large ballroom that exits out onto the lake.  This setup is very similar to what you would see at a ski lodge.


Q: Will there be skate sharpening available?


A: Yes.  There will be a mini version of a pro-shop available that will offer skate sharpening.


Q: Are there trophies for the winners?


A: No.  This is an event being held for the fun of the game.  There is no seeding of teams, no “winners brackets”, no tie breaker rules, etc.  However, what we do have is an opportunity for an unforgettable weekend that your kids will be talking about for the rest of their lives.


Q: What is the ice like?


A: It is important to remember that this is a POND hockey tournament.  There is no better ice crew on the planet than the guys at Lake Morey Resort.  However, teams should realize that the ice is not going to be like what they skate on inside of a rink.  There are more bumps, probably some cracks, and there are no boards (but there are snow banks that mark off the borders to each rink).  There are also picturesque views of an enormous frozen lake nestled inside the green mountains of Vermont. 


Q: What if the ice is not playable on the scheduled tournament dates?


A: Any decision to cancel the tournament due to weather would be done by Feb 15, 2016.  If the weather will prohibit play, we will provide a 100% refund to all registered teams.  Furthermore, the Lake Morey Resort will provide a 100% refund of room deposits.  If the tournament were cancelled, no make-up date would be scheduled.


Q: This sounds amazing, how can I get my business to provide sponsorship?


A: You are obviously an extremely intelligent person / business who wants to support “family fun with hockey back at its roots”.  Please contact us at to learn about our sponsorship opportunitites.  Our sponsors last year had exposure to a captive audience of over 600 people throughout the weekend.