WTM Hockey - Wilbraham Twin Meadows Hockey - Greater Springfield premier youth hockey organization.

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Please register for the 2020-2021 season at www.greaterspringfieldhockey.org.


All 2020-2021 Registrations for the Springfield Capitals and WTM Jr Blackhawks will be done thru a combined website.  This does not mean a merger has been finalized. On this site you will see a tab for the current Capitals players and the current WTM players to register.  At this point, the GSYHA site is a joint location being used for registering both organizations separately.  Please choose the correct association tab for your player.  Please note, you will have to create a new account which includes: email, password w/ verification and the parents & skaters personal info.  Again, updating your username and password is not an indication the merger is complete, we are all voting on this Thursday.  This is simply a place for all Springfield Capitals and WTM players from 2019-2020 to register for the 2020-2021 season before Thursday.  

If the merge is approved all the registrations will be combined, if the merge is not approved they will remain separate and get transferred over to the respective teams current sites.  In either scenario, you will not need to register again, and your player will be ready for evaluations!

Registration before Thursday is optional.  If you would rather wait until after the vote Thursday, that is your choice, and registrations will still be open thru the weekend.  We are just trying to be prepared while waiting for the vote this Thursday 3/12. WTM families will be voting at the Olympia from 4:30-6:00pm and Capitals families will be voting at Cyr from 5:00-6:30pmRemember your vote matters! Please make an effort to vote.

As always, we welcome any questions or concerns you might have and we appreciate your trust is this process!

Thank you,
The Greater Springfield Transitional Board of Directors